Monday, December 8, 2014

Go after it.

A dream. A passion. A goal. When you read those words do you feel inspired or saddened?

A passion that is inside of you can't be ignored. If it is, it will slowly kill you; figuratively and sometimes...eventually literally. To have a dream birthed inside of you and then to almost lose it...not many people get the chance to have it re-birthed nor the freedom to pursue it. To feel as though something you loved so much was gone - the grieving process that goes with it...and to think, some people lose it for good. That thought is keeping me up tonight. To let that fire die inside of you and never to find the flame to rekindle it again - what loss that must be. What pain must be felt. I can't seem to find sleep with that kind of heartbreak on my mind.

Ya know how people say, "You are exactly where you're suppose to be." I don't know if that statement is entirely true. You are where you have chosen to be. I can go with that.

I know what loss is and the thought of the loss of a dream scares me. Doesn't it scare you, too?

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