Monday, June 6, 2011

Day One.

So...I guess I should say Hi and that I'm excited to share my life with you and that I can't wait to pour my heart out and allow you all in to some of the dark places inside of me that no one has ever been.

But none of that is true. My heart is beating so fast even as I type this. This will not be a blog for the faint of heart.

So, I guess this is your warning post.

The way I see it is if I have things that scare me to talk about, then you must also have things that scare you to talk about. So, that makes us relatable which gives me hope that you won't shut me out of your life after reading it.

Still want to tag along?

Now don't you worry...there will be laughter and there will be happiness and there will be hope.

But for me, my laughter, happiness and hope have definitely changed their forms. Which is why I wanted to do this.

So get ready. This is my story. The raw end of it.


  1. I read this there was this big ball of love for you growing inside of me!! I'm proud that you are taking a step...any share the amazing story you have. It might be dark sometimes, and often rough, but all diamonds are at the start! I see this one shining already! I love you!!!

  2. Im so excited to follow along on your journey via blog